Form & Function

Grillandia grills have been developed to be the perfect grilling machines, modern looking and unique, capable of delivering real wood flavour in a wide range of temperatures, for smoking food low and slow, grilling or true searing at high temperatures most pellet grills on the market cannot even come close to. The first grill Grillandia presents is the Rota, the name means a course or direction used in naval terms. This name was chosen as a salute to Portuguese explorers that discovered the world as we know it today. Nowadays, exploring new, innovative technologies that make peoples life better around the world is a new form of exploration of our times.


Why do most pellet BBQ's look the same? The quest for a form that is modern, unique and fresh to the world of BBQ was the mission.


We at Grillandia take pride in the high quality of our grills and the craftsmanship that goes into every single BBQ we deliver.


There is absolutely no substitute for real wood flavour in BBQ. Grilling with pellets delivers that unique wood flavour to your food.


Grilling with wood pellets instead of gas means choosing a sustainable energy source, helping preserve our planet for future generations.


For more than three years our team has been researching and developing our products in order to deliver the ultimate cooking machine, fine tuning and testing to perfection. Our heat distribution system produces a cooking zone with virtually no hot spots, the uniform heat flow and even circulation of smoke inside the cooking chamber ensures excellent results when used for smoking food or grilling. Our custom software, developed in-house, does all the work for you, from your own smartphone. The thick top and bottom double wall insulated cooking chamber reduces pellet consumption and increases efficiency.

80ºc - 450ºc

For smoking food, grilling or high temperature searing without any extra accessories required. A true 3 in 1.

PID Control

Grillandia grills use an algorithm we have developed, maintaining temperatures precisely, to ensure the temperature you select is the same the barbecue delivers.


The Feeder Optimal Security System prevents pellets in the pellet screw from catching on fire under the most extreme circumstances.

Touch Control

Control all the settings of the barbecue through the touch control panel and select the desired temperature in 5º increments.


The Rota Grillandia grill is built on a strong tubular base structure creating a sturdy, compact grilling machine. The cooking chamber is 100% made of high grade 304 Stainless Steel, including the pellet burner. The side and front counter tops and finishing details are also made with 304 Stainless Steel for durability and easy clean. The interior is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

304 Stainless Steel

Rota uses only high grade 304 Stainless Steel for durability, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

Full Inox Interior

The cooking chamber is made in 100% Stainless Steel, for durability and a non toxic food safe cooking area.

7mm Grill Grates

The standard grill grates are made with 7mm solid Stainless Steel rods that retain heat and produce great grill marks.

Easy Cleaning

Solid grill grates can be placed directly into your dishwasher, making cleaning of the grill a very easy process.


Grillandia grills are designed and engineering to give users the ultimate BBQ experience. This means a practical, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain grill. Features like easy cleaning fat drip pan, cooking area quick disassembly system, meat thermometer and meat probe, heavy duty wheels, front shelve and handle bar, large cabinet storage area under the grill, heavy duty foot brake system, position locking lid and others. The Rota comes ready to cook and no additional assemble work is needed. No extra accessories are required to either smoke, grill or sear food.

Grill sizes

Height > 1126mm
Width > 1090mm
Depth > 696mm

Meat Probes

1 Meat Probe Included.
Could connect up to 2 probes.

Fat Drip Pan

Removable and easy to clean fat drip pan for easy cleaning and maintenance

Cooking surface

3600 cm² (560 in²)

Secondary Grill

7mm Secondary Grill Included

App Controller

The Grillandia App offers a complete range of settings to control through your smartphone. Set the temperature, set timers and alerts, set and monitor the meat probe temperatures and craete a timeline graph of the process. A Keep Warm mode is also available to keep your cooking hot and ready to serve at any time.

Grill Control

Total control over the temperature you want inside your grill or inside the food trough the meat probes

Wifi Connection

Control the grill over the wireless network of your house

Real Time info

Check the actual temperature of the barbecue or the meat probes

Keep Warm Mode

Holding low temperatures to keep food warm until you are ready to serve